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Caldwell Parish is a sparsely populated, rural parish with the Parish Seat, Columbia, about thirty-five miles south of Monroe.  The four-lane Highway 165 affords an easy drive to the seven public schools (one early childhood center, one pre-kindergarten center, three elementary schools, one middle school and one high school).  Scores given by the Louisiana State Department of Education have rated Caldwell Parish as a “B” school district that is very close to an “A” district.

One of many attributes that contributes to our uniqueness is our four-day school week which allows teachers and students to run errands and make appointments on Mondays.  Our approximately 1800 students benefit from a low pupil-teacher ratio and advanced technology in the schools.  Most classrooms have interactive white boards and access to mobile computer labs as well as a stationary lab.

Most teachers enjoy the positive atmosphere and exceptional support systems in all schools.  Not only does Caldwell Parish offer a generous signing bonus for new, certified teachers, but also periodic supplements given to teacher once or twice per year.  This is in addition to the 13th check given each summer. 

Teachers who leave Caldwell Parish often lament that they didn’t realize they had it so good.  Some even return to Caldwell and remain because of the excellent working conditions, parental support, and, of course, the four day week. Before making a decision regarding a future teaching career, take time to examine the hidden gem in Caldwell Parish.



Angela Gullatt

Caldwell Parish School System

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Parish Athletic Director

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