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Student Technology Use

Student Technology Use 

The Caldwell Parish School Board shall prohibit electronic devices, such as radios, tape players, CD players, video games, pagers, beepers, laser pens or any other electronic devices, games and toys on a school campus without prior permission of the school principal and these devices may be confiscated by any member of the faculty or staff. 


No student unless authorized by the school principal or his/her designee, shall use, possess (except for electronic mobile devices which may used only as provided below) or operate any of the above stated items or any telecommunication device including any facsimile system, radio paging service, mobile telephone service, intercom, or electronic-mechanical paging system in any public elementary or secondary school building or on the grounds thereof or in any school bus used to transport public school students.  A violation of these provisions is grounds for disciplinary action including, but not limited to suspension from school, and confiscation of the item.  Notwithstanding the provisions hereinabove set forth, this policy shall not affect the conduct of law enforcement activities including the use of electronic devices, dogs, or other means of conducting searches for weapons, drugs or other contraband in whatever manner is otherwise permitted by law and consistent with local School Board policy.


If brought to school by a student, cell phones and other personal mobile communication devices shall be turned off (not left on vibrate) and shall be concealed by the student in a pocket, backpack, purse or other area.  The use of a cell phone or other electronic communication device in the classroom or any other location in a school building or on school grounds or on a school bus is prohibited except as provided by this policy.


Nothing in this section shall prohibit the use by any person, including students, of any electronic telecommunication device in the event of any emergency.  “Emergency” means and actual or imminent threat to public health or safety which may result in loss of life, injury, or property damage.


Violation of this policy shall result in confiscation of the item by school authorities.  Failure of a student to relinquish the item to a school official when requested shall result in the suspension of the student.




Students may be allowed to use personal mobile devices for instructional purposes in the classroom and other supervised areas as approved by the principal and included by the teacher in his or her lesson plan, and only in compliance with the guidelines stated below.  Personal mobile devices include such items as iPod Touch, iPod, iPad, Notebook, 2goPad, Kindle, Nook, Pocket PC, etc.




  1. The School District will not be held responsible in any capacity for physical damage, loss or theft of any personally-owned device.

  2. Student use of personally-owned devices in the classroom or other area shall be at the discretion of the classroom teacher or other faculty member, with principal approval and documentation by the teacher.  Classroom teachers may prohibit, restrict or regulate use of personally-owned devices.  Abuse of the privilege of using the device may result in disciplinary action by the principal, up to and including prohibition of bringing the device on campus.

  3. Student use of a personally-owned device must support the instructional activities currently occurring in the school environment.  Actions which violate applicable policies, regulations, or procedures, or state a federal law concerning its use shall be unacceptable and considered a violation of the student code of conduct and treated appropriately.

  4. Students should be aware that the use of mobile devices could cause distraction for others, especially in regards to audio. Therefore, audio must be muted unless otherwise directed by a school authority.

  5. Student devices with camera and video capability must not be used to impinge upon the privacy of students and staff.

  6. Before school, at lunch, and after school, students may use their personally-owned devices only for instructional purposes and only in adult-supervised areas.

  7. By bringing personally owned devices to school, students and their families accept that school authorities may inspect the device and its contents to ensure compliance with school and District codes of conduct, policies and guidelines, including the Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement.  Students and parents agree to download and install a program/app provided by the school district that will allow identification and monitoring of the device on the school network.

  8. Students use the wireless network at their own risk. The School District shall not be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of connecting to the wireless network or any electrical power source.  The School District shall not be held responsible for any student who accesses information on a network other than the District’s wifi.

  9. The parents and/or guardians of any student bringing personal technology to school shall be responsible for and shall be required to reimburse the School District for any damage that their child may cause through the use of wireless network with his/her personally-owned device.