LSBA Artwork Contest For Elementary Students

LSBA Artwork Contest for Elementary Students
Please note the LSBA Artwork Contest Guidelines below:
• Each piece of artwork must be done by a student enrolled in your school system.
• Each piece should represent Louisiana (scenes, products, buildings, people, etc.).
• Each piece of artwork can be oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, charcoal, pastel,
crayon, colored pencil, batik or stitchery.
• No three dimensional work can be accepted.
• Smaller sizes may be submitted, but the maximum size of artwork without mounting
or matting should be 14” x 16” (handling of artwork and exhibit space require that
we ask you to please adhere to this size regulation).
• All pieces of art should be mounted and/or matted, BUT NOT FRAMED.
• All submissions of artwork by each school system must include a printed digital
photograph WITH each piece of artwork (please DO NOT attach to artwork).
LSBA Artwork Contest Flyer