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Virtual Learning, Start of School, Plans for Safety

If you have questions regarding impacts to Caldwell Parish Schools during the pandemic, you are invited to email 
  • Will my child have to wear a school uniform if they are participating in Virtual Learning from home?
    • Children do not have to wear school uniform clothing when participating in Virtual Learning from home, however they must be dressed adequately (upper and lower body covered as they would be at school) in day wear clothing as they will be seen on screen by the teacher and other students in the classroom.
  1. Set a location such as dining room table or coffee table where student can place the Chromebook on a flat surface and have room for paper, pencils and other items they may need during the lesson. Make a habit of using this location daily so that a routine is established.
  2. Keep candy, food and drinks away from the learning space, especially the Chromebook and other electronics.
  3. After eating, be sure hands are washed and dried before returning to work.
  4. Encourage students not to carry the Chromebook while it is open. Shut it first, then move it using both hands.
  5. Keep distractions to a minimum. Turn off the tv, radio, etc during learning time.
  6. Adults should monitor students while they use Chromebooks to be sure they are staying on the lesson in Google Classroom or in another activity the teacher has assigned.
  7. Keep student login information provided by your school in a handy location so that adults can help students login when necessary, particularly in the case of younger students.
  8. If one was provided, locate the MiFi in an area of the home where there is the strongest cell signal. Contact if you need assistance with the MiFi device.